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Scotland, CEMA and the Arts Council 1919-1967, by Euan McArthur

Established in 1945-6, the Arts Council of Great Britain has made a substantive – though at times controversial – contribution to British cultural life. But while there have been several … Continue reading

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Welsh Ladies and Sex Workers

There’s a bit of a brouhaha going on in Wales at the moment about a Welsh Government-backed website offering sex industry job advice. The Daily Mail’s coverage of the story … Continue reading

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Background 1965: Making the Abstract Accessible

People often find abstract art incomprehensible.  The idea that a picture can be admired purely for its use of colour, shape and form rather than for depicting a person or … Continue reading

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Diffusion – Cardiff International Festival of Photography

A new photography festival has been taking place across Cardiff this May. Called Diffusion, it celebrates ‘photography and the photographic image, in all its forms’, though the emphasis seems to … Continue reading

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Pop and Abstract

Pop and Abstract is the latest collection-based exhibition to adorn the National Museum Cardiff’s new galleries of contemporary art.  It is a large show – it takes up much of … Continue reading

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Aleksandras Macijauskas and Rimaldas Viksraitis

February 16 is independence day for the tiny Baltic state of Lithuania.  To mark the occasion, Ffotogallery in Penarth opens a new exhibition of work by two Lithuanian photographers, Alexsandra … Continue reading

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Creative Photography in Wales, by Paul Cabuts

I have a review of Paul Cabuts’ Creative Photography and Wales: The Legacy of W. Eugene Smith in the Valleys (UWP, 2012) in this month’s Planet: The Welsh Internationalist (issue … Continue reading

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Buzz magazine articles on Welsh art

As part of the ongoing development of this site, I’ve decided to reprint some of my first published work, written for the south Wales arts magazine Buzz in spring/summer 2008. … Continue reading

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