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Transfiguration – Dan Llywelyn Hall and Raphael Pepper

Dan Llywelyn Hall, Melodies on the Mount, 2008.

Dan Llywelyn Hall, Melodies on the Mount, 2008.

If the fashion-obsessed world of contemporary art is one long champagne-fuelled party, the landscape painter stands out as the square in the corner. Having failed to impress anyone with his earnest discourse on art and truth, he spends the rest of the evening enviously watching critics, collectors and students from the local art college fawn over some inane urban post-graffiti artist whose talent is self-publicity, rather than painting.

Fortunately there are still painters for whom the landscape holds a greater appeal than being à la mode. Cardiff-born Dan Llywelyn Hall is one such artist. Raphael Pepper, originally from Essex, is another. Both still in their twenties, they’ve decided to team-up for the touring exhibition Transfiguration, which focuses on the evolution of the landscape genre and its changing role in the modern world.

The two artists take a different, though complementary, approach to their subject. Hall’s emotive landscapes are wild and animated, paint furiously smeared and splattered onto canvas. Pepper’s delicate pencil drawings, by contrast, are cool and quietly observed. Perhaps this has something to do with the difference in temperament between the Welsh and the English. Audiences will be able to judge for themselves, as there will be an opportunity to meet both the artists on Thursday 3 April.

Tenby Museum and Art Gallery from Sat 15 Mar till Sat 13 Apr 2008.

This article was originally published in Buzz magazine.


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