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Claudia Williams: 75th Birthday Exhibition

As I write, Cardiff is basking in the first serious sunshine of the summer. Time, then, to dig out the deckchair, slap on some sun-cream, and head to the beach…. Or perhaps to an exhibition, because this month the Martin Tinney Gallery is hosting a special birthday bash in honour of 75 year-old Claudia Williams, an artist best known for her bright, Gauguinesque images of families relaxing by the seaside.

Claudia Williams, The House of Memories

Claudia Williams, The House of Memories

Williams is a well-established figure on the Welsh art scene. Born in Surrey in 1933, she moved to Wales with her parents after the war, and eventually settled on Anglesey with her husband, the landscape painter Gwilym Pritchard, after graduating from Chelsea School of Art. At a time when young wives were expected to confine themselves to the kitchen, Williams attracted considerable press attention for doggedly pursuing her career as an artist. Yet she remained equally devoted to her family, and scenes of domestic life have been a constant theme in her work.

Williams’ most recent paintings tackle controversial issues like the drowning of Tryweryn. But despite tapping into the current fashion for art that reflects the memory of such events, she essentially remains a painter of figures, their colour and form. It is this keen eye for composition which gives her work such enduring appeal.

Claudia Williams: 75th Birthday Exhibition is at the Martin Tinney Gallery from Tues 20 May to Sat 14 Jun 2008.

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